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Il Cerchio social cooperative was born in Ravenna in 1981 as a support to public institutions that deal with Social Services with the purpose of :
– Pursuing the general interest of the community to promote human and social integration of citizens through the management of health and social, welfare, educational and recreational services.
– Managing health/social care services and education -oriented response to the needs of the elderly, disabled, adult social discomfort and minor children.

The cooperative works in different policy areas offering services of: home care, residential and semi-residential care (community housing, sheltered housing , RSA, day care centers, etc. . ) to improve the quality of life of the users. The Cooperative is proactively organized in terms of service design, offering the activation of innovative services in order to bring benefits to the whole community through the improvement of the conditions of the users and their families.

Since its creation Il Cerchio operates in the area of disability in the province of Ravenna and Emilia Romagna Region. In some contexts the cooperative offers operators to public bodies and institutions; in other cases, the services are managed directly in all their phases.

Contact person: Mila Alpi – disability area referee,

The Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability (PSONI) works for the benefit, and on the behalf of persons with intellectual disabilities living in Poland, their parents and legal guardians.

Parents whose children have been diagnosed as persons with learning disabilities, wish to give them a new reality, providing new opportunities. This perspective applies to all; toddlers, teenagers and adults. It is not the parent/carers intention to give them an all-round permanent assistance but rather to provide opportunities that would enable them to develop physically, cognitively and socially, so as to allow them to have an active, autonomous and normal life within the society.

The main aim of Association is to include people with specific needs – people with learning disabilities in real life. The Association is an established national organization with significant achievements.

The main areas of specific expertise are:

  • early intervention
  • youth education and rehabilitation (Special Schools for Vocational Preparation for pupils with moderate and severe intellectual disability)
  • occupational therapy workshops for adults
  • supported employment (Centres for Vocational Advisory and Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability)
  • supported living (sheltered, supported and training accommodation, nursing homes)

PSONI consists of over 11,000 members, having more than 120 local branches.

Rytmus was developed in 1994 as a NGO. The first impulse for the establishment of Rytmus was the training from the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), which was held in Prague during the years 1992 – 1994. This training brought a new approach to work with people with intellectual disabilities, our target group.

The main value of Rytmus is the respect for human rights, for active assistance in integrating into the natural environment and  promotion of the independence of people.  We support people with disabilities in their active participation in society – to work, to school, in their community and leisure time activities. We use the natural support sources from the community, we use the individual approach  toward people we support, we try to enhance the human rights and try to let people know how to fight for their rights.

We do this through the provision of social services, further education  and implementation of public events.

The Association for Help to People With Intellectual Disabilities in The Slovak Republic (ZPMP v SR) is a non-government and non for profit organization. ZPMP v SR was established in 1980. We unite 44 local Associations and we have almost 10 000 members. We are member of Inclusion Europe and Inclusion International and member of Slovak Disability Council.

Main purpose of our organization is general support of activities and measures aimed in favour of children, youth and adult people with intellectual disabilities. In accordance with relevant legislation we provide social prevention and social counselling (basic and specialised) and social rehabilitation for people with disabilities. We provide support and counselling on early intervention, pre-school and school care, rehabilitation, daily care centres, ambulant care services, employment possibilities, sheltered workshops and sheltered housing, family help, mobile services leisure and free time activities. We participate on education of professionals and education working with people with intellectual disabilities. We advocate the rights and interests of people with intellectual disabilities, their families, we work on spreading of self-advocacy. We organize lectures, seminars, conferences and symposiums, courses and exhibitions of artworks of people with intellectual disabilities. We organize recondition, rehabilitation stayings, excursion and participation of our members on such the activities of other humanitarian and charity organizations. We publish the magazines, specialised publications, leaflets. It supports the publication of the literature concerning life people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

ZPMP v SR is well accepted among other organizations of people with disability. Our directress is the vice-president of Slovak Disability Council, our employees and members are taking part in several advisory bodies, in several selection committees for grant schemes. Our organization is playing active role in process of deinstitutionalization in Slovakia.

Most of our professional activities such as social services are regulated by The Social Services Act. Qualitative, qualification, technical and other conditions are defined in this law that has to be fulfilled to obtain the accreditation. We are the accredited subject since 2009 (soon after the Act came in force). All professionals providing social services fulfill the qualification conditions required by the law.

Beside the social services we publish two countrywide magazines – Informácie, To sme my. Informácie is magazine for professionals, parents, guardians, students that are interested on actual information related to people with intellectual disabilities, to new legislation and activities that are going on for people with intellectual disabilities. It brings the news on interesting projects and campaigns realized to support people with intellectual disabilities.

To sme my is magazine designed for people with intellectual disabilities. Editorial staff contains beside the people without disabilities from people with intellectual disabilities. They do prepare the articles about their activities, they publish their poetry, photos or paintings in this magazine.

 As the umbrella organization for people with intellectual disabilities in Slovakia we do provide several types of activities and we have to deal with several kinds of problems. We are active on influencing the legislation – legal capacity, employment, education, independent living etc.

We do organize educational activities for people with intellectual disabilities, for self-advocates and for professionals.

Our professionals take active part in national project of deinstitutionalization of social services (as counsellor as well as lectors).

We do organize leisure time activities for people with intellectual disabilities (clubs, stayings). We organize national exhibition of paintings of people with intellectual disabilities and publish two national magazines.

We provide ambulant social services for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

We are in constant contact with our members from all around the Slovakia, so we have current information on needs and problems of people with intellectual disabilities as well as on activities going on.