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Here you can find information about RESPID project in the Augmentative and Alternative Communication format.




We are introducing you our new Project.

Project name is RESPID.

It is supported by European Union from programe Erasmus+.

Programe Erasmus+ is about cooperation of several countries.

For example, sharing informations.

In our project cooperate following countries:

  • Poland

  • Czech republic

  • Slovakia

  • Italy

From each country is involved one organization, which helps people with intellectual disability.

These organizations you can find in Contacts.

Project lasts for 14 months. The end date is 31.10.2017.

What is RESPID project about ?

During the project, the organizations from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy will meet 5 times.

Meetings will be in following cities:

  • Warsaw (Poland)

  • Prague (Czech Republic)

  • Ravenna (Italy)

  • Bratislava (Slovakia)

People from these organizations will discuss different topics.

These topics concern the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

We would like to find the best way, how to help people with intellectual disabilities live full-valued life. We want people with intellectual disabilities to be happy and live more independent life.

We talk about how does it work in other countries.

About our experiences.

What is good and what is wrong.

When we talk about these things with more people, we can get great ideas.

We can find out, how to help people with intellectual disability in our country.

We are interested in these topics: 

  • Supported employment

  • Supported living

  • Parenthood of people with intellectual disability

  • The experience of death of parents

  • Organization of leisure time

  • Cooperation with parents in order to support independence of their grown up children with intellectual disability

Gradually all interesting informations from our international meetings you will find on this webpage.

You can also visit RESPID facebook page:


On this page we will inform you about all interesting news.

If you have qustions, contact us.

Choose the organization, which is close to you.

If you are not sure how to use computer, ask somebody for help.